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Explosive Ordnance Services and Training
  Training and Training Course

Development and implementation of EOD Training is generally conducted at locations determined by the customer.

Law enforcement and government agencies should attempt to use government assets prior to engaging CSI. All RSP(Render Safe Procedures) are classified and these courses are heavily screened.

Corporate Security International, Inc. is designated a Certified Training Institute (number NCPPSCT10002) by the North Carolina Private Protective Services Board.

Each course of instruction includes hands-on practical applications as well as familiarization with the various explosive devices that they may encounter

Course Objectives/Completion Criteria

The EOD Training course is specifically developed to provide key personnel with the knowledge and skills to effectively use explosive ordnance disposal techniques. The course development provides training documentation so that military or civilian training personnel will be able to effectively clear explosive ordnance in a safe and time expedient manner.



The Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) training course developed by CSI includes all detection equipment functions, operation and detection methods. The subject areas include an explanation of the systems capabilities, its controls, visual alarm indicators, operation procedures, proper care and handling of the equipment, maintenance and storage. CSI conducts training on detection techniques and methods utilizing Explosive Ordnance Detection Devices for luggage, packages, storage lockers, automobiles, aircraft, buildings, terrain and people.

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CSI provides this unique capability by maintaining a professional team of experts in explosive ordnance reconnaissance and disposal made up of explosive engineers each with an average of over 20 years experience in the field, both in military and civilian explosive ordnance operations.
Due to the hazardous nature of EOD operations CSI requires that their engineers are well trained in the hazards and safety precautions of U.S. and foreign munitions, be able to apply correct safety measures at the scene in order to reduce the hazard to life and property, and verify and report the presence of U.S. and foreign munitions.

In order to ensure that these prerequisites for EOD personnel are met CSI maintains a staff of instructors that regularly undergo refresher training at various EOD schools to maintain their proficiency. As a result of this training CSI is able to continually upgrade and redline its own EOD training programs for civilian and military units. CSI EOD programs are provided in English and foreign languages as required by their customers. Key factors to the success of an EOD program besides the utilization of qualified and experienced personnel is the planning and conduct of EOD operations which require extreme attention to detail and the ability to function efficiently and effectively as an individual as well as a team in the area of operations.

The CSI reconnaissance and disposal team is made up of professional EOD experts that have worked together for over fifteen years and are qualified explosive ordnance disposal instructors as well as engineers. The CSI cadre have been involved in all phases of explosive ordnance disposal to include training of indigenous personnel in detection, removal, and destruction of explosive ordnance to include: explosive orientation and conduct of demolition; bomb damage surveys; disposal of unexploded ordnance and mines; and rendering safe Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs).

We do have more subjects available that can be added to a custom training course to fit just your needs. Contact us for more information on particular classes and services we provide, please specify in your request what it is specifically that you want to know and that it is CSI services you desire.

Our courses are taught to US government agencies, law enforcement, and private security organizations or professionals who have a lawful need to learn the skills, tactics and techniques we offer. We also have taught Foreign Agencies and Organizations with the approval of the US State Department. Student qualifications and background are reviewed and we reserve the right to refuse instruction.

Corporate Security International, Inc. holds the following licenses / certifications from the North Carolina Private Protective Services Board (NCPPSB): # 1758, # 1763-2 & # 3304-PIA Private Investigator, # 620-GP & # 1323-GP Security Guard & Patrol, # 23-A Armored Car, # 43-C Courier Service, # 79-CI & # 118- CIT Counterintelligence Service (TSCM), # 17-FT Firearms Trainer, # NCPPSUT00474 & # NCPPSUT000704 Unarmed Security Officer Trainer. North Carolina Carry Concealed Handgun (CCH) Instructor # 00036.
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