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Corporate Security International, Inc.

(Disabled Veteran Owned & Operated)

Corporate Security International, Inc. is headquartered in North Carolina with offices at other various locations.
Let's start by highlighting the professional services we provide. We create and implement a wide array of programs, training and security, to achieve our client’s goals.
They have worked with numerous foreign and domestic governmental agencies, including the elite US Army's Delta Force counter / anti terrorism unit.

This work has been on matters of national and international importance. Other members of our staff have worked with Department of Defense Special Operations, as well as private, local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies.
Our strength at Corporate Security International, Inc. is our people and their experience.

Please contact us for more information.

Corporate Security International, Inc. holds the following licenses / certifications from the North Carolina Private Protective Services Board (NCPPSB): # 1758, # 1763-2 & # 3304-PIA Private Investigator, # 620-GP & # 1323-GP Security Guard & Patrol, # 23-A Armored Car, # 43-C Courier Service, # 79-CI & # 118- CIT Counterintelligence Service (TSCM), # 17-FT Firearms Trainer, # NCPPSUT00474 & # NCPPSUT000704 Unarmed Security Officer Trainer. North Carolina Carry Concealed Handgun (CCH) Instructor # 00036.
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